Before submitting an inquiry regarding missing Givevia generated donations, please ensure none of the following conditions apply to you:

  1. Did you purchase excluded items?
    Some retailers will exclude certain items from eligibility to generate donations. Excluded items and categories can be found on the retailer’s description page within Givevia. Donations are typically not generated on any taxes or shipping.
  2. Did you purchase airline tickets, accommodations, or an item with a delay?
    In certain cases, Givevia’s donations aren’t generated until after a date applicable to your purchase, such as the date of an airline flight, your stay at a hotel, or after a custom or backordered item has shipped.
  3. Do you have any browser plugins installed?
    Certain browser plugins, such as those from Honey, Wikibuy, or Rakuten, will likely prevent Givevia from generating donations. We recommend uninstalling or disabling these plugins to ensure Givevia can generate funding for your cause.
  4. Did you use coupons from another site?
    In some cases, using a coupon not provided by Givevia at checkout may prevent donations from being generated. We encourage you to use Givevia coupons which are often the best and most current available!
  5. Did you click on another ad before making your purchase?
    If you click an ad for a retailer before you make a purchase, it could prevent donations from being generated. To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is always best to click the retailer’s “Shop Now” button through Givevia and make your purchase at the retailer’s site in the same session before closing the tab/window or visiting other sites.
  6. Are cookies disabled in your browser settings?
    If you have a browser that disables cookies by default, or you have disabled cookies manually, we will not be able to authenticate your identity and generate donations on your behalf.
  7. Did you forget to click through Reward Mark before your shopped at the retailer’s site and made your purchase?
    If you navigate to a retailer’s website directly, through a shortcut/app, or through other means such as search engines, you will likely not generate any donations. Remember to always start your online shopping trips at Givevia by clicking through to your retailer of choice with their “Shop Now” button.