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Givevia Stories is your automation launchpad that rallies advocates, empowers authentic storytelling, and spreads awareness to engage new supporters.

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Collect Stories Everywhere

Easily collect verified, high-quality stories and testimonials through text, email, events, and the web. Use our custom outreach templates to help guide feedback and capture what you most need from each type of interaction. Systemize the creation of advocates out of anyone who interacts with your nonprofit, whether a donor, volunteer, partner, or client served.

Let Givevia Stories + your community do the heavy lifting to validate your mission, culture, and impact.

Leverage Stories Way More

Put real-world examples and outcomes to work for your nonprofit. Givevia’s Story Bank allows you to keep all your story content in one place, filter and select the experiences that will help engage with others, and respond to new stories.

Build trust and transparency by showcasing a feed of what the community is saying directly on your website through a trusted party with Givevia’s customizable story widgets.

Expand awareness across the web in a smarter, more cost-effective way.

Testimonials for Nonprofits
Advocacy for Nonprofits

Reviews Stories for Nonprofits

Strengthen your nonprofit’s digital footprint and reputation at the same time. Every story shared influences your Community Heart Score, which increases the chance someone finds your organization online. As your ranking increases in Givevia lists and discovery tools, so does your exposure to cause-aligned individuals and entities looking to help.

Givevia Stories harnesses the power of online reputation management but leaves behind the misaligned approach of a 5-star review system. This creates a more equitable playing field for nonprofits of all shapes and sizes.

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  • Group 34 Story Management Dashboard
  • Group 34 Upgraded Story Bank
  • Group 34 Be Notified & Respond to Stories
  • Group 34 Shareable Collection Page URL
  • Group 34 1000 Text Message & Email Requests /mo
  • Group 34 Customizable Request Templates
  • Group 34 Collection QR Codes
  • Group 34 Website Story Collection Widget
  • Group 34 3 Custom Story Carousel Widgets

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