What is Givevia.com?

Givevia.com helps donors, volunteers, advocates, and partners connect with the right charity. We elevate the visibility of nonprofit organizations and help supporters find them and recognize their value.

One way we do this is through listing services such as our Top Local Charities Lists which, along with our database of charity profiles, provides additional ways for nonprofits to be discovered through online search.

What is Givevia Stories?

Givevia Stories has everything nonprofits need to easily collect impactful stories from their communities and leverage them to get more support. More details about these storytelling productivity tools can be found at stories.givevia.com.

Are there costs for nonprofits to use or leverage Givevia?

All eligible nonprofits can take advantage of increased awareness locally and online through Givevia.com’s service at no cost by simply claiming and updating their Charity Profile at org.givevia.com.

Givevia Stories includes storytelling productivity tools based on a monthly or annual subscription. Pricing and edition information is available at stories.givevia.com. A free trial of Givevia Stories is available for any charity that has claimed their Charity Profile on Givevia.

What are the eligibility requirements for my nonprofit to participate in any of Givevia’s services?

To participate the nonprofit…

      1. …must be registered with the IRS and in good standing with 501(c)(3) status
      2. …must agree to the Givevia Participation Agreement
      3. …must have completed the Charity Profile claim and verification process on org.givevia.com

What are Givevia’s Charity Profiles?

Givevia’s Charity Profiles contain information used to help visitors gain more information about the nonprofit’s mission, the impact they make, the regions they serve, and the specific type of support they need from the community such as individual donations, volunteer opportunities, online advocacy through sharing their personal story, etc. All profile information comes from public sources and the organizations themselves, with the exception of stories shared by the community. An authorized representative from your nonprofit can update information on your Charity Profile by claiming it.

How do I update or add information on my organization’s Charity Profile?

If you are an authorized representative of a nonprofit organization, you can update the information provided about your organization by claiming your Charity Profile.

Please contact us to request any other changes to your nonprofit’s information listed on Givevia that you cannot change after claiming your Charity profile.

How do I claim my organization’s Charity Profile on Givevia?

Claiming and updating your Givevia Charity Profile is free. You must be an authorized representative of a nonprofit organization that meets the eligibility requirements listed above. There are just a few steps to claim your organization’s Charity Profile:

    1. Go to org.givevia.com
    2. Search for your nonprofit organization
    3. Click on your organization to visit your Charity Profile
    4. Click “Claim Charity Profile”
    5. Create a Givevia Account (Note: It is preferable that the email address provided for the administrator account is associated with your nonprofit’s web address. Please note the individual designated as administrator must have the authority to access and manage Givevia program information for your nonprofit organization.)
    6. Complete all required fields to update your charity’s profile information
    7. Accept the Givevia Participation Agreement on behalf of your organization

Once you submit your claim information, we will contact you if we have any questions or need additional information for verification purposes. Otherwise, you will receive notification once approved and your Charity Profile is claimed.

I can’t find my organization’s Charity Profile on Givevia – how can I create one?

If you are an authorized representative of a nonprofit organization and you cannot locate a Charity Profile for your nonprofit organization, you can submit a request to “Add My Charity” during the claims process. If your organization meets the eligibility requirements listed above, a Charity Profile for your organization will typically be created within 24 hours. You will receive an email notification when the profile is available to claim.

Where do you get information about my nonprofit organization?

For unclaimed profiles, we rely on public information from various data sources, including the IRS and GuideStar. We also use information you provide during and after the claims process. You are responsible for the accuracy of information you provide to us.

To modify any of the information from GuideStar, update your Nonprofit Profile at www.guidestar.org.

What are Givevia’s Top Local Charities Lists?

Givevia’s Top Local Charities Lists are online directories which help charities to be found. They create entry points for online traffic to discover some of the best charities making impact on the causes closest to their heart. From there, site users can continue to search for, compare, and interact with various charities through Givevia.com. Lists are based on causes or areas of service (e.g., Top Animal Shelters, Top Cancer Charities, Top Food Banks, Top Environmental Charities) and are specific to your city or geographic region.

What is the advantage of my nonprofit organization appearing in a Top Local Charities List?

Givevia’s Top Local Charities lists provide an additional path for online traffic to find your nonprofit. They aggregate organizations with similar missions or causes, allowing interested parties to quickly review and gain insight into unique organizations tied to their favorite causes. By providing a more thorough source of information, Givevia lists often rank higher in search engines than individual charities when searching by cause area. Our lists target search phrases that are focused on individuals looking to help, and that are broadly cause aligned but perhaps not yet aligned with any particular organization.

Is my nonprofit’s Charity Profile included on any Givevia lists?

Any list that your Charity Profile is included within, including Top Local Charity Lists, can be found on your Charity Profile page.

How do I get my nonprofit listed in a particular Top Local Charity List?

Givevia’s Top Local Charity Lists use various criteria to identify which charitable organizations should be included, including but not limited to their IRS-assigned category, geographic location, and general “fit” within a list’s cause or area of service. If you have already claimed your Charity Profile on Givevia and believe your nonprofit has been left out of a Top Local Charity List in which it should be included, an authorized representative from your organization can contact us to request inclusion in a specific list.

How do I increase my organization’s placement in Top Local Charities Lists?

Some factors affecting the relative position of organizations within Givevia’s Top Local Charities Lists include their Profile Status, Community Heart Score, how much information a charity has provided within their Charity Profile, and the available engagement options. Steps you can take to potentially improve your placement include:

  1. Claiming your Charity Profile
  2. Attaining Givevia Partner Status requirements, which includes updating all profile info and engagement options
  3. Engaging your community via Givevia Stories to share their stories and experiences, which will increase your Community Heart Score

Givevia will continue to introduce additional ways to improve placement. In general, the more information and engagement a nonprofit provides to help visitors and potential supporters – the higher the placement.

What is the Community Heart Score listed in Charity Profiles?

A nonprofit’s Community Heart Score is a count of how many members of the community have shared a positive story about that specific organization on Givevia. This provides a simple point of distinction and trust that helps web traffic recognize charities that have a certain volume of activity, advocacy, and impact among their communities.

What are the Stories displayed on Charity profiles?

We know everyone has a story to share about why a cause is close to their heart, an experience where a charitable organization impacted them or someone they know, or reasons why they volunteer at or donate to certain charities. Givevia’s Charity Profiles contain Stories left by various supporters or constituents of an organization. This helps visitors gather insight into the real-world examples and outcomes from the individuals an organization impacts, why their donors choose to support them, what a volunteer experience is like, and more. Each story is categorized by the type of relationships or interaction that individual has had with the organization.

How do I get more Stories about my nonprofit and increase our Community Heart Score?

Givevia Stories is a suite of storytelling productivity tools built specifically for nonprofits to help collect and leverage impactful experiences and advocacy from various audience types within their communities. In turn, every story shared also lives on your Charity Profile and affects your Community Heart Score.

Find out more about how your nonprofit can utilize Givevia Stories and start your free trial at stories.givevia.com.

How can we change our nonprofit’s admin user account on Givevia?

By default, the user account that was used to claim your Charity Profile is your admin user. There can only be 1 designated admin user, which has access to your Charity Dashboard, can update your profile information, and can utilize Givevia Stories functionality.

If you need to change the admin user’s name, email, or password, this can be done by logging in with the existing credentials and changing them under your Account Settings.

If your previously authorized representative is no longer with your organization or you are no longer able to access your current admin user account, please contact us.

Will you share my email address or account information?

No. We do not share or sell user account information or email addresses in any form. Only public information or information provided in your Charity Profile page is made available to visitors.

What is Givevia’s Shop-to-Give Program?

Givevia’s Shop-to-Give Program is a service operated by Reward Mark that lets Shoppers “Give for free” when they shop online through the Givevia website. Givevia users can choose from a wide range of popular online retailers while automatically generating funds for their favorite nonprofits. There is no cost to the nonprofit or to the Shopper.

How do I activate the Shop-to-Give program for my nonprofit?

When you claim your Charity Profile on Givevia, there is an option to activate your Shop-to-Give program. Completion of activation requires you to provide banking information (routing and account numbers) through the Givevia Direct Deposit Form to permit ACH payments to be made to your account. This allows Givevia to disburse supporter generated funds through quarterly ACH payments to your organization’s bank account. After the Direct Deposit Form is completed, submitted, and verified, your Shop-to-Give program will be activated.

How do supporters “Give for Free” to my nonprofit while they shop online by using Givevia?

It’s easy and free!

    1. When you promote your Shop-to-Give program to supporters, all materials and links should point directly to your Charity Profile page on Givevia. There, a supporter can click the “Start Giving For Free” button listed on your Charity Profile.
    2. The supporter creates a Givevia user account.
    3. Once signed in, the supporter can search for a retailer or browse categories. Beside every retailer is a % or $ amount which indicates the amount of donations generated by their eligible purchases.
    4. The supporter selects their desired retailer, clicks the SHOP NOW button, and is redirected to their chosen retailer’s website. At this point, they shop as they normally would at that retailer. Their eligible purchases will automatically result in a donation to your nonprofit, at no cost to them or you, which they can track in their Givevia account.
Is there any cost to my nonprofit or to Shoppers for using Givevia’s Shop-to-Give Program?

No. There is no cost to nonprofits for leveraging their Shop-to-Give Program or to Shoppers. The shopping experience is identical to regular online shopping with the added benefit that Givevia will donate to the nonprofit selected by the Shopper.

Where does the funding/donations/impact come from?

We receive commission payments from retailers for purchases initiated through use of Givevia. In turn, we share this commission as donations to the nonprofits selected by Shoppers in the amounts listed within the application.

What percentage of the Shoppers’ purchase price does Givevia donate?

The percentage varies by retailer and sometimes product category of purchases. We list the percentage provided for donation on the Givevia retailer landing page before the Shopper clicks “Shop Now” to be redirected to the retailer.

Millions of product purchases are eligible for donation. Some retailers have exclusions which we list on the Givevia landing page for the retailer. The lists of exclusions and percentages for donation can change frequently and without notice. For more information, please see the Givevia Participation Agreement.

What purchases are eligible for donations?

Givevia has hundreds of retailers with millions of products which are eligible for donations. For more information, see Qualifying Purchases in the Givevia Participation Agreement.

How does my nonprofit receive donations generated from Shopper purchases on Givevia?

Givevia makes donations to eligible nonprofits on a quarterly basis as follows:

Shopper Purchase Period

Jan 1-Mar 31

Apr 1-June 30

July 1-Sept 30

Oct 1-Dec 31

Donation Payment Date

May 15

August 15

Nov 15

Feb 15

Donations are made by direct ACH deposit to the nonprofit’s bank account provided in the Givevia Direct Deposit Form. See the Givevia Participation Agreement for more details.

What is the minimum amount my nonprofit needs to have accrued from Shopper purchases in order to receive a Givevia donation?

The minimum amount your nonprofit must accrue to receive a quarterly donation is $5.01. If the total donation due to your organization, based on the eligible purchases by all Shoppers who selected your charitable organization, is less than $5.01 as of the end of a given Shopper Purchase Period (see prior question above), Givevia will hold the funds and add them to the donation amount allocated to your organization in next Purchase Period. However, if you have accrued donations that remain below $5.01 for two payment periods (up to six months), the amount will no longer be withheld or accrued for future donations. For complete details, see the Givevia Participation Agreement.

Can I view the amount of donations my charitable organization has received?

Yes, a report including disbursed donations is accessible within your Charity Dashboard. Login using your Administrator’s account at org.givevia.com and select “Charity Dashboard” in the navigation menu.

Why didn’t I receive a donation?

If your nonprofit organization has claimed their Charity Profile on Givevia and activated your Shop-to-Give program but you did not receive a donation that you expected on the Donation Payment Date, please ensure that…

    1. …you still meet the qualifications to participate
    2. …you have supplied the correct bank account information.
    3. …the donation was generated within the Shopper Purchase Period
    4. …the amount due was at least $5.01

If these requirements have been satisfied, please contact us providing detail on the relevant transaction(s).

Please note there may be a reason we have been unable to pay your organization. We will attempt to resolve any open issues to facilitate the payment.

How do we tell our supporters about our Shop-to-Give Program?

After your nonprofit has successfully claimed your Charity Profile and activated your Shop-to-Give program, your Givevia Charity Dashboard provides access to assets, templates, and other content ideas for your promotional outreach needs. These assets should all link directly to your Charity Profile page on Givevia which allows supporters to register as users and establishes your nonprofit as the default charity they are “actively impacting” when they shop online.

Nonprofits may promote Givevia as a way to fund and support their organization using email, newsletters, website banners/buttons, social media posts, direct mail, print collateral, and signage in accordance with the “Program Content Guidelines” included in their Charity Dashboard. See the Givevia Participation Agreement for more details.

Suggested audiences for outreach include your donors, volunteers, employees, corporate or strategic partners, and any audience that is exposed to your organization. Let everyone know they can support your nonprofit every time they shop online!

Will you share information about the amount of money being donated to my organization?

We may occasionally publicly disclose the amount of donations to all Givevia nonprofits or particular organizations resulting from the Givevia program.

Will you share with my nonprofit organization information about the Givevia Shoppers who have selected to support my organization?

Shoppers have the ability to allow or disallow email communications from the nonprofit organizations they support through Givevia. If a Shopper whose purchases generated donations for your organization has elected to allow email communications, you will be able to see their email information through your dashboard at org.givevia.com. Since this data indicates a Givevia user has requested periodic updates and information from your organization through email, you are able and encouraged to add them to a general newsletter/update list in strict accordance with the guidelines of our Givevia Participation Agreement.