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Your Community Heart Score

Automate Social Proof for Your Nonprofit

While supporters and beneficiaries socialize their experiences, each story shared by an advocate increases your Community Heart Score. As your score builds so does the legitimacy of your impact through a point of distinction and trust provided directly by your constituents.

Testimonials for Nonprofits
Testimonials for Nonprofits

Move Up in Search & Discovery

Your Community Heart Score works like an upvote system, increasing your ranking in Givevia.com lists and discovery tools. In turn, this boosts your organization’s visibility with people searching online for a cause like yours. Your customizable Charity Profile allows you to send this web traffic to wherever you need it most.

Built for Nonprofits, Not Businesses & Consumers

Reviews are based on everyone being a critic. Your Community Heart Score is based on everyone being a storyteller. Should a respondent leave a concern, it won’t negatively affect your score. Nonprofits can now leverage the benefits of a trusted 3rd party review system without all the cons.

Testimonials for Nonprofits
Givevia Stories & Testimonials

Collect More Stories

Get started with the complete storytelling management platform that helps crazy-busy nonprofits influence supporter decision making.

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Save As a Template

You can save the email message and text message for your use in the future.