A few ways to ensure you generate the maximum amount of funds for your charity:

  • Always click through Givevia
    Funds for your chosen charity may not be generated if you navigate to a retailer’s website directly, through an app, or by other means such as search engines or ads. Remember to always start your online shopping trips at Givevia and place your order at the retailer’s site before closing the tab/window or visiting other sites.
  • Uninstall or disable competing browser plugins
    Certain browser plugins or toolbars can prevent Givevia from generating funds, such as those that offer cashback, rewards, price comparisons, coupons, or discounts. We recommend uninstalling or disabling these plugins.
  • Use coupon codes from Givevia
    In some cases, using a coupon at checkout provided by another website other than the retailer may prevent Givevia from generating funds. Givevia often has some of the best, most current coupons available anyway, so we encourage you to try utilizing these!
  • Pay attention to Impact numbers
    Each retailer has a different % or $ amount of funds that are generated from eligible purchases, and some retailers exclude certain products from the ability to generate funds. If you’re really into maximizing the good your shopping will do, shop at retailers that have larger impact amounts and purchase from those that don’t exclude the items you buy.

For a larger list of considerations, please visit our FAQs.