“Our founding team has been fortunate in our ability to support nonprofits we care about, and during that journey we’ve all come across countless kindred spirits who wanted to give more to the causes they care so deeply about, but life circumstances dictated they simply couldn’t...

Why Givevia Exists

Launched in 2020 in Columbus, OH, Givevia was years in the making. Today, we finally have a way to empower supporters of all types to significantly impact charities they love with an everyday activity they are likely already doing - shopping at their favorite retailers online.

Givevia’s mission is summed up in two words: amplify impact. Our primary way of accomplishing that mission? Generate an entirely new channel of stable funding for nonprofit organizations and help them spread the word about their cause by empowering their advocates.

This is charitable giving 2020s style.

Givevia is and will remain free to use for both nonprofits and supporters.

“Funding stability is difficult to obtain for any nonprofit. The idea that we can provide this extra option for donors, volunteers, and corporate partners to help us diversify funding channels is significant. Little did we know how prevalent that need would become after COVID-19 hit. Everyone was stuck at home, wondering what they could do to help. Well... they all just so happened to be ordering things online!”

- Nick Linkenhoker, Worthington Resource Pantry


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