What is Givevia.com?

Givevia.com helps people like you connect with the right charity. You can easily find and compare thousands of charities based on the causes they serve and the regions in which they operate. We provide information on their services as well as ways you can support them. We enable you to discover and learn more about the unique charitable organizations in your own community, large and small alike.

What are Givevia’s Top Local Charities Lists?

Givevia’s Top Local Charities Lists are one way we quickly create entry points to discover some of the best charities making impact on the causes closest to your heart. These lists aggregate charities with similar but distinctive missions, providing a single source for easily finding new charities of interest while allowing ready comparison with other organizations and their missions in your area. Beyond the list title and description, more detail can be found in each organization’s Charity Profile. This allows you to discover charities serving a cause you love, but perhaps in ways you weren’t even aware of.

How are Givevia’s Top Local Charities Lists ordered?

Factors affecting the relative position of organizations within Givevia’s Top Local Charities Lists include their Community Heart Score, how much information or engagement options a charity has provided within their Charity Profile, their size, etc. We encourage visitors to take a deeper dive into learning more about various charities found on any given list.

I don’t see a charity on a Top Local Charity List that I think should be listed - why?

Givevia’s Top Local Charity Lists use various criteria to identify which charitable organizations should be included, including but not limited to their IRS-assigned category, geographic location, and general “fit” within a list’s cause or area of service. If you believe a charity has been left out of a Top Local Charity List in which it should be included, consider letting the charity organization know they can request to be considered for inclusion in a specific list at Givevia.com.

Why can’t I find a charity on Givevia.com?

Givevia.com lists thousands of 501(c)(3) organizations from all over the United States. If you are unable to find a specific charity, double check to make sure you are searching for their correct legal name or the name they use publicly. If you are still unable to locate the specific charity in mind, consider letting the charity organization know they can add their charity at org.givevia.com.

What are Givevia’s Charity Profiles?

Givevia’s Charity Profiles contain information used to help you gain more insight into each charity’s mission, the impact it makes, the regions it serves, and the specific type of support it needs from the community. Examples of such support are individual donations, volunteer opportunities, advocacy through sharing your personal story, etc. All profile information comes from public sources and the organizations themselves, with the exception of stories shared by the community.

If you have had interactions with an organization – whether as a client served, donor, volunteer, employee, Board member, or any other capacity – we encourage you to share your experience via a story you can submit on the Charity Profile Page.

What is a charity’s Community Heart Score?

A Charity’s Community Heart Score is a count of how many members of the community have shared a positive story about that specific organization on Givevia. This provides a simple point of distinction and trust that helps you recognize charities that have a certain volume of activity, advocacy, and impact among their communities.

What are the Stories displayed on Charity Profiles?

We know everyone has a story to share about why a cause is close to their heart, an experience where a charitable organization impacted them or someone they know, or reasons why they volunteer at or donate to certain charities. Givevia’s Charity Profiles contain Stories left by various supporters or constituents of an organization. This helps you gather insight into the real-world examples and outcomes from the individuals an organization impacts, why their donors choose to support them, what a volunteer experience is like, and more. Each story is categorized by the type of relationships or interaction that individual has had with the organization.

Why should I share my Story?

One of the best ways to help others, spread awareness about a cause, and advocate for a specific charity organization is simply to share your own story! Givevia makes it easy for anyone to share their experience with a charity, whether that be as a client served, volunteer, donor, partner, board member, employee, or some other member of the community. Consider sharing your story about a charity you care about and how the organization or the cause they serve has impacted you or someone you know.

When I share my story, is any of my information shared?

You are in control of your data, which is never shared without your consent. When sharing a story, you can choose to share your first name and last initial or, if desired, you may remain anonymous.