What is Givevia?

Givevia helps people like you connect with the right charity. You can easily search and compare thousands of charities based on the causes they serve and the regions in which they operate. We provide information on their services as well as ways in which you can support them. We enable you to discover and learn more about charities in your own community working on underserved causes.

Givevia also powers a “Shop-to-Give” Program which allows you to impact a charity you care about for free whenever you buy stuff online. (Our Shop-to-Give Program FAQs are below.)

What are Givevia’s Top Local Charities Lists?

Givevia’s Top Local Charities Lists are one way we quickly create entry points to discover some of the best charities making impact on the causes closest to your heart. These lists aggregate charities with similar missions to provide a single source for easily finding new charities of interest and allows ready comparison with peer charities in your area.

What are Givevia’s Charity Profiles?

Givevia’s Charity Profiles contain information used to help you gain more information about each charity’s mission, the impact it makes, the regions it serves, and the specific type of support it needs from the community. Examples of such support are individual donations, volunteer opportunities, online advocacy, etc. Information comes from the nonprofit organizations and/or Givevia’s data partners.

What is Givevia’s Shop-to-Give Program?

Givevia’s Shop-to-Give Program is a fun, easy way to support and positively impact your favorite charity each time you shop online. Just start your online shopping at Givevia.com/categories. We have over 1,000 retailers including the most popular and trusted brands. For each and every eligible purchase, we make a donation to your charity of choice at no cost to you.

Use Givevia Shop-to-Give to make an impact for your cause every time you shop online.

How do I give for free to a charity while I shop online using Givevia?

It’s easy and free!

    1. Go to Givevia.com on your desktop or mobile device. Click “Find A Charity”, then search for the charity you wish to support to find their Charity Profile page on Givevia.
      If you’ve received an invite from a specific charity to support their organization with Givevia’s Shop-to-Give program, click the link they provide to their Charity Profile page on Givevia.
    2. Any charity participating in Givevia’s Shop-to-Give program will display a “Start Giving For Free” button on their Charity Profile. Click this button. (If the button is not present, the charity is not yet participating in Givevia’s Shop-to-Give program. Ask them to claim their profile at org.givevia.com to participate!)
    3. Create a Givevia user account.
    4. Once signed in, search for a retailer or browse categories. Beside every retailer you will find a percentage or dollar amount which indicates the amount of donations generated by your eligible purchases.
    5. Select your desired retailer and click the SHOP NOW button. You will be redirected to your chosen retailer’s website. At this point, shop as you normally would at that retailer. Your eligible purchases will automatically result in a donation to your charity, at no cost to you, which you can track in your Givevia account.
    6. Bookmark Givevia.com/categories and always remember to start your online shopping here to make a big impact!
When shopping with Givevia, how do I select or change the charity I impact?

Every donation generated through your eligible purchases goes to the charity you’re “currently impacting”. The charity you’re currently impacting is always shown in your account on Givevia.com when you’re logged in.

This charity is initially set based on the charity profile page on which you created a Givevia user account, but you can change the charity you’re currently impacting at any time. To do so, while logged in to Givevia.com navigate to My Charities under the “Shop to Give” portion of your navigation menu. Add a new charity to your list, then select the new charity and hit “Yes” when asked if you would like to change the charity you’re currently impacting. Future purchases will generate donations for this new charity, and all previously generated donations will still go to the charity you were previously impacting at the time of those purchases. You can support a variety of causes in this way!

What charities can I choose to impact?

You can choose from many different charities, as long as the charity is a 501(c)(3) public charitable organization based in the USA and have claimed their profile and activated their Shop-to-Give program on Givevia.com. If you don’t find the charity you want to impact, ask them to claim their Charity Profile on org.givevia.com to participate!

Can I receive a tax deduction for amounts donated from my purchases through Givevia.com?

Givevia is operated by Reward Mark. The IRS considers Givevia-created donations to be made by Reward Mark and, therefore, not tax deductible to you as the shopper.

What percentage of my purchase does Givevia donate?

The percentage varies by retailer and sometimes product category. We list the percentage provided for donation on the Givevia retailer description page before you click “Shop Now” to be redirected to the retailer.

There are millions of products eligible to generate impact through Givevia! Some retailers have exclusions which typically are listed on the Givevia retailer description page.

If I make a purchase at a retailer's website but forget to use Givevia first, how can I generate a donation with that purchase?

Unfortunately, you can only generate a donation for a charity when you start your online shopping at Givevia and click the “Shop Now” button to enter a retailer’s site. There is no way to modify an existing online shopping order after you have already made the purchase outside of the Givevia program other than to cancel the original order and re-order starting at Givevia.

Is there anything that will prevent donations from being generated?

There are a few circumstances that could prevent Givevia from being able to generate donations:

    1. Excluded Items:
      Some retailers will exclude certain items from eligibility to generate donations. Excluded items and categories can be found on the retailer’s description page within Givevia. Donations are typically not generated on any taxes, shipping, etc.
    2. Browser Plugins & Ad Blockers:
      Certain browser plugins, such as those from Honey, Wikibuy, or Rakuten, will likely prevent Givevia from generating donations. Certain ad blockers can have the same effect. We recommend uninstalling or disabling these plugins/programs to ensure Givevia can generate funding for your cause.
    3. Clicking Other Ads:
      If you click an ad for a retailer before you make a purchase, it could prevent donations from being generated. To ensure this doesn’t happen, it is always best to click the retailer’s “Shop Now” button through Givevia and make your purchase at the retailer’s site in the same session before closing the tab/window or visiting other sites.
    4. Not Clicking Through Givevia:
      If you navigate to a retailer’s website directly, through a shortcut/app, or through other means such as search engines, you will likely not generate any donations. Remember to always start your online shopping at Givevia.com/categories by clicking through to your retailer of choice with their “Shop Now” button.

Less common:

    1. Cookies Disabled:
      If you have a browser that disables cookies by default, or you have disabled cookies manually, we will not be able to authenticate your identity and generate donations on your behalf.
    2. Coupons:
      In some cases, using a coupon or promo code not provided by Givevia at checkout may prevent donations from being generated.
When will my online purchases and the resulting impact amounts show up in my Givevia Account?

Once you make a purchase, it may take several business days for the detailed retailer purchase data to show up under My Purchases and elsewhere in Givevia. Every retailer is different and some are quicker than others in providing details from your purchases.

I made an online purchase through Givevia but it has not appeared under My Purchases - what happened?

Your purchase details and the resulting impact amounts are automatically added to the My Purchases page when we receive your purchase information from retailers. This can take only a few hours for some retailers and over 10 days for other retailers. In certain cases, purchases aren’t reported until after a date applicable to your purchase, such as the date of an airline flight, your stay at a hotel, or after a custom or backordered item has shipped.

If you do not see your purchase details appear in your Givevia account after 10 business days, you can submit a transaction inquiry. Please do not inquire about missing donations or missing information on Givevia through the retailer directly.

NOTE: Once Givevia starts a transaction inquiry process on your behalf, the retailer has 30 days to respond. Please be patient while Givevia researches the issue and gets back to you.

What if I want to purchase from a retailer that is not on Givevia?

At Givevia we are constantly adding new retailers. If there is a retailer you want to see on Givevia, please let us know. We will work to include all the retailers you love to shop!

Who do I contact when I have a question about my purchase or order?

Givevia does not fulfill any purchases you make online. If you have an inquiry about a purchase or order that does not pertain to the donation generated, please contact the retailer’s customer care team. Typically, you can find this information on your purchase confirmation email from the retailer, or on the retailer’s website.

How do product returns affect Givevia donations?

If you return any item that generated a donation through Givevia, the donations created from the returned item will be deducted from your total impact and reflected in your Givevia account. Charities will not receive donations for returned items.

Your purchases are subject to the return policies and procedures of the retailer from which you made your purchase.

How do exchanges or modified orders affect Givevia donations?

In the process of an exchange, a retailer may cancel the original order in their system and replace it with a new one. As with order returns, the donations created from your original purchase will therefore typically be deducted from your total impact and reflected in your Givevia account. Charities will not receive donations for these affected purchases/orders.

NOTE: To avoid losing the donation you created from your online purchase on an exchange or order modification, you can consider returning or cancelling the original order and making the new purchase through Givevia using the “Shop Now” button again.

How can I contact Givevia if I have any additional questions not answered in the FAQ?

If you have questions, please contact us. We would love to hear from you.