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Worthington Resource Pantry
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Worthington Resource Pantry

Health Care · Worthington, OH

We feed our community by connecting neighbors to healthy food, resources, and each other. We are a food pantry and so much more.


Impact Worthington Resource Pantry for free whenever you buy stuff online. No rounding up, no hidden fees, you truly give for free!


Claimed This charity is claimed on Givevia.com
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Top Local Charity TOP LOCAL CHARITY 202 1
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Worthington Resource Pantry
PO Box 27
Worthington, OH 43085

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Stories (6)

Do you have a story to share about Worthington Resource Pantry, the impact they make, or your experience with them as a supporter or client served? Help others by sharing your story!

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"This story will not rival any of Twain's, yet is a bit crazy. The pandemic caused me to become a volunteer. Yes, COVID has another side effect-causing me to become a volunteer. Here's how:
I am a teacher, an old one. When schools initially shut down in-person learning in March of 2020 it was a shock to everyone in the educational field. A new way of instruction took shape. But, we were somehow able to complete the school year in patchwork fashion. Then, August rolled around and I dreadfully discovered that my work place, a unique educational institution (a juvenile detention facility), would continue to use a remote, virtual learning format; I knew that I had to find a worthy outlet for my need to be a part of society. Taking a thirty-something year veteran teacher accustomed to interacting with marginalized kids, one-on-one, on daily basis, and then sitting him in front of a laptop expecting him to connect with kids, didn't cut it. Mental anguish ensued. That's when I decided to see if WRP had a volunteer activity to channel my desire to serve society and get off my duff. I was also looking for some physical activity, having recently retired from amateur sports officiating after 30 years. What a beautiful connection we were able to create. And a safe one. And just a few blocks from home. The pantry saved me! The dedicated volunteers are a blessing-beautiful, unassuming, unheralded people! The staff is incomparable. Ultimately, the pantry is good medicine. At this time, I have been volunteering a couple days a week for over a year and hope they don't throw me out anytime soon. I have found a fantastic way to make a positive impact on my community."
- Dan F.
"This Resource pantry gives so much to the community.  They continue to look for ways to help the community, not only by providing food but also resources for finding jobs and overall life improvement.  Donors have responded to their mission with increased giving not only with money but with food
- Lynn N.
"My dad encouraged me to get involved with the WRP almost ten years ago. I have been fortunate to know many of the staff, board members, and volunteers involved with this organization. What has been consistent, and we hope continues to grow, is the deep passion of everyone involved. The insistence on centering and respecting the neighbors who use the pantry. The dedicated staff who carefully stretch every dollar that comes through to help as many people as possible. The tireless volunteers who are up for any task. "
- Ali W.
Board Member/Advisor
"I have never needed to use a food pantry but there have been times in my life when I have been close. No one in this country, this state or this community should go hungry - especially children who need food to develop their bodies and their minds. I started selling wild flower seed bags, and wild flower arrangements a few years ago. In 2020 I decided that I would donate all the money I received from these sales to local and national foodbanks - primarily the Worthington Resource Pantry. I provide the seeds, the bags and make the tags. I grow the flowers, provide the jars and make up the arrangements. Some wonderful local businesses have sponsored my endeavors by buying seed bags to give to their clients. I can make personalized tags for wedding showers and weddings, milestone celebrations, to sow in memory of a loved one, or as advertisements for businesses. The further we can spread the word then the more I can make and donate to the Worthington Resource Pantry.

Elizabeth Cooksey
[email protected]"
- Elizabeth C.
"It just makes me feel good to know that I’ve helped a little bit everything you do with the center is to help people in need everyone there is very nice and very helpful 
It’s nice that I can choose the days and hours that I’m able to volunteer   Everyone works well together they’re helpful"
- Sue K.
"I retired in late 2020. Nationwide strongly encouraged and supported volunteerism and I worked many shifts at the Mid Ohio Food Bank over my 39+ years. Volunteering with The Worthington Resource Pantry has helped to fill this void following my retirement. I've enjoyed meeting other volunteers and it's been especially gratifying to meet the many neighbors that we serve."
- Barbara T.

Volunteer at Worthington Resource Pantry

We need many volunteers each week to sort, bag, and distribute food. Become a pantry volunteer today!

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