“Our founding team has been fortunate in our capacity to support nonprofits we’ve come to know and love, and during that journey we’ve all come across countless kindred spirits who wanted to help the cause they care so deeply about but weren’t sure where to start...

Why Givevia Exists

Launched in Columbus, OH, Givevia was years in the making.

It all started with our Shop-to-Give program that empowers supporters of all types to “Give for Free” to charities they love with an everyday activity they are likely already doing – shopping online.

Now Givevia is ushering in a whole new online generation seeking for a way they can help and matching them with nonprofits who need it most. Today more than ever people are aligned with a cause, but many just aren’t aware of that one specific organization making the type of impact they believe in. We now make those connections every minute, every hour, every day.

Everything Givevia does supports our mission: "To amplify philanthropy by growing, empowering, and connecting its participants."

Partners & Press

Are you a member of the press or a resource for nonprofits that would like to chat with someone at Givevia?

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